Ryan's YouTube profile picture.

xRpMx13, is called Ryan McNulty he likes Batman cuz when he grew up he played batman on da wii but then in 2013 he played cops n robbers w/ sky n team crafted lol and in 2016 he joined team crafted and murdered everyone except BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, MinecraftUniverse and Ssundee but a few days later it is rumoured that he fed Ssundee to Jerome cuz he is a hungry bacca lol yolooooo

Personal Life Edit

He has a girlfriend called Ty who he used to make videos with, Deadlox.

Skin Edit

His skin is spiderman cuz he loves spiderman becuase it's apretty gud film i luv the part when he dies and comes back 2 life

Known Facts Edit

  • Ryan is also part of the "Power Moves Squad" with Jerome and Mitch, which seems to be like a new version of TeamCrafted.
  • Ryan's skin is Batman because of one of his mod reviews where he reviewed the Batman mod.
  • He does pretty good mimicking the voice of Morgan Freeman, mimicing him occasionally.
  • He shows up before Ariana Grande on Twiter.
  • Ryan jokes about being married to Ariana Grande.

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