When Squids Strike!
is a Team Crafted special video.


Continuing from the Derpy Squid Mod review, SkyDoesMinecraft has escaped from the Squid Dimension, and is on his way to the rest of the team, to warn them about the squid's new army. He finds MinecraftUniverse, who informs Sky that the squids have already attacked them, and they kidnapped Dawnables. Sky and Jason meet up with Deadlox, SSundee, and JeromeASF, where Sky tells them what happened with the Squid Dimension, and how he needs their help to rescue Dawn. BajanCanadian, KermitPlaysMinecraft, Setosorcerer, and HuskyMUDKIPZ were all absent, because they were busy doing other things at the moment. As for the others, they suit up in Butter armor, and make their way to the Squid Dimension. In there, they find a large tower, where they think Dawn is. They climb up, and find her. However, the whole thing was a trap. The Derpollolus Squid Overlord, ruler of all squids, appears, and attacks the gang. Sky destroys the Overlord, by hitting him with a powerful sword that he found in a chest. They rescue Dawn, and are about to leave, until they see many more towers that ressemble the one they are on. Jerome decides that he can't take it anymore, and he jumps off of the tower, plummeting to his death. As for the rest of the team, Sky leads them out. For now, it is unknown whether or not, there will be a sequel.


Minecraft WHEN SQUIDS STRIKE!06:40


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