When I'm Deadlox01:19

When I'm Deadlox

The original "When I'm" video by GoldSolace.

The "When I'm" is an animation series by Goldsolace, that features Team Crafted players.  So far, the series has included (in order of release date) deadlox, SkyDoesMinecraft, JeromeASF, and HuskyMudkipz.  The music is sporty-o - Let me hit it (audio stalkers original mix).

What HappensEdit

Each video is visually simiar, just with different players.  At first, the player says a famous quote of theirs (Deadlox says, "Don't Do Dis", Jerome slurps.), and the music begins.  They dance around an item they are known for (Sky; budder, HuskyMudkipz; TNT), and then pose for the camera.  The dance in fast motion, pose again, and then a very fast montage of characters in well known situations, such as Sky saying, "Jason, I'm startled!"  The pose again, then do a sexual dance in a neon room, and a women is heard to say, "Ooo, yeah."  They are then seen wearing different variants of their skin, like Sky as Wario.  They do something they are known for, (Sky kills a squid), and then there's a quick montage of other people combined with their skins.  Finally, the video ends with the character, gender-swapped, dances around their favorite item.  In the end, "subscribe" is seen, and the character is doing the worm. Except for Jerome who is humping a tree.

When I'm SkyDoesMinecraft00:37

When I'm SkyDoesMinecraft

GoldSolace's second "When I'm" video.

When I'm JeromeASF00:36

When I'm JeromeASF

GoldSolace's third "When I'm" animation.

When I'm HuskyMudkipz00:36

When I'm HuskyMudkipz

GoldSolace's fourth "When I'm" animation.

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