I asked NinjaFatGuy if I could make some userboxes for the Wiki, and he said yes. I made quite a few, and am planning to make more in the future. If you have any requests, or if you want to know how I make them, leave me a message.


SkyDoesMC Icon This user is a fan of SkyDoesMinecraft! Bring on the Budder!
Deadlox This user is a fan of DeadloxMC! And his left foot!
Mu Hello stars, this user is a fan of MinecraftUniverse!
JeromeASf This user is a fan of JeromeASF! Let's get in the toilet with him!
BajanCanadian Hey, doods! This user is a fan of TheBajanCanadian!
Ssundee This user is a fan of SSundee!
Seto This user is a fan of Setosorcerer!
HuskyMUDKIPZ This user is a fan of HuskyMUDKIPZ! They still think he's a fish, though.
BlueMonkey This user is a fan of Blue Monkey!
Bashur Christmas Hey, you guys! This user is a fan of Bashurverse!

This Wiki

150px-Squid Thomas D. Coyote thinks that spammers and vandals are squids in disguise!


Golditm Thomas D. Coyote calls gold, {{{1}}}
150px-Squid This user hated squids in Minecraft, BEFORE they even heard of SkyDoesMinecraft! Three cheers for them!


Huskythefish While playing Minecraft Hide and Seek, Thomas D. Coyote once spotted Husky the Fish!

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