• The swarm hut

    Isnt it ironic that all 5 quited at the same time and until they announce it on there channels i am not beleiving nothing because it can just be a pranker

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  • The swarm hut


    March 11, 2014 by The swarm hut

    People of this wiki. The 5 members might have not left the group.

    • Ty is the owner he can't quit and his instagram account said ty when it is called deadlox
    • Sky got 9million subs from this group he aint leavin nothin
    • Bluemonkey is too obbsessed with animating and he will not have anyone to animate for if he leaves
    • Bonkers is the only woman in the group
    • Husky already bought his team crafted fish he is not leaving

    The only person i see leaving is probally bluemonkey

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