In a Video about a year ago, On the Team Crafted Channel, Tyler or DeadloxMC made a video called A New Era of Team Crafted. Tyler talked about a new Era of team Crafted and how many Youtubers and smaller Youtubers would be in it to help them grow their channels. But Deadlox never did this, then The Pack Formed, once called a new Team Crafted, now called The Pack (same thing but still) which has Preston, Mitch, Jerome, Vikkstar, Rob, Kenny, The Camping Rusher, and more! Recently (2016) The Team Crafted had a Cops N Robbers Video called Team Crafted Reunion. Jerome, Bajan Canadian, SkyDoesMinecraft, DeadloxMC, MinecraftUniverse, SSundee, HuskyMudKipz were all in it! But not SetoSorcerer or KermitplaysMC or CavemanFilms, just the Members that were there from the beginning to the end! On Deadlox's Channel, Ty talked about why SetoSorcerer wasn't there, but there was no one talking about KermitplaysMC or CavemanFilms. In a video on SkyDoesThings, KermitplaysMC was in a video with SkyDoesMinecraft, they seemed to be friends, but as far as I know, CavemanFilms is friends with SkyDoesMinecraft. In a video on CavemanFilm's Months ago (2016 Febuary) Sky was in a video with CavemanFilms. On SSundee's Channel, SSundee did a video with JeromeASF Of shillshock (I think that's what it's called. Deadlox spoke out about SetoSorcerer because he was the only one who voted to keep him in Team Crafted, while the others voted to kick him out for Depression and to serious in his commentary. Bajan Canadian/Mitch started the idea to vote Seto out. #SetoComeback #SetoSaturday Thank you for reading this Blog. Remembered all of this in my head, I did not go on other sites to see this information. I know this stuff! (Not Lieing)

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