• Team Crafted Fan

    In a Video about a year ago, On the Team Crafted Channel, Tyler or DeadloxMC made a video called A New Era of Team Crafted. Tyler talked about a new Era of team Crafted and how many Youtubers and smaller Youtubers would be in it to help them grow their channels. But Deadlox never did this, then The Pack Formed, once called a new Team Crafted, now called The Pack (same thing but still) which has Preston, Mitch, Jerome, Vikkstar, Rob, Kenny, The Camping Rusher, and more! Recently (2016) The Team Crafted had a Cops N Robbers Video called Team Crafted Reunion. Jerome, Bajan Canadian, SkyDoesMinecraft, DeadloxMC, MinecraftUniverse, SSundee, HuskyMudKipz were all in it! But not SetoSorcerer or KermitplaysMC or CavemanFilms, just the Members that…

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