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    Hate on Ashleymarieegaming

    January 17, 2016 by TBNRJohn

    Ashley is one of the people that deserves so much hate, I really don't know why people like her, All I can say to Ashley fans are "Your opinions aren't the only ones that matter." One of the main reasons why I hate her is that she ruins minecraft videos, such as the 'battledome series' and the 'Minecraft marriage' series. Not only that, She pulled a mean prank with TheBajanCanadian which isn't really even a joke, it's a BIG FAT LIE!!!!!!!!! She also swears like hell. And I personally think that she lied about her "bullied' childhood. Don't say I'm jealous, the #Ashleylovers always say that the haters are jealous, Have your own opinions and please don't violate them.

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