The Hunger Games/Deans (or Survival Games) are a highly popular and well known mini-game to Team Crafted that was based on the book of the same name. It is played often by BajanCanadian and JeromeASF

Rules and ObjectiveEdit

The rules are simple 24 or so players are spawned around a in a circle formation and are on a platform. There they must remain until the timer is up and they are released. Before the timer is up the player must either decide to run for the chests in the middle and risk being killed early, or sprint away from the middle and risk being without items from the start. After this and the timer is up, and the main rule is simple:

  • The players must fight to the death, until there is only one player left alive. 

You can may also team with other people to enhance your chances of survival but in the end there can only be one! So, the odds are probably not in your favor.

Different ServersEdit

Depending on the type of server you join, there may be different rules. As one of them is allowing mobs to spawn, other's allow more player than a hundred player to join decreasing your chance at survival. A more common rule is when their is only a handful of players, usually four or three, their will be a deathmatch where the players are automatically sent back to spawn and kill each other, and if you try to leave you die, or in some cases the game is over if the timer runs out, once again this all depends on the type of server you join. BajanCanadian and JeromeASF combined their servers (The Fridge and the Hutt) into the Nexus. This server allows you to come back as a zombie pigman/bacon/mutation, and you must kill the player that killed you in order to officially to be back in the game, as a twist you must remember that players can also kill you while you cannot harm them and that you can't regen health.

Special Youtube Hunger GamesEdit

The Youtuber Hunger Games are when Youtuber Minecraft players join together for a special hunger games event. All of them record their Hunger Games perspective and place them on their respective channels. During these games The rules vary between going solo, and being placed in random teams of either 2 or three. However in the end the main rule still applies there can only be one.


  • The game is played often by Mitch and Jerome.
  • Sometimes during Hunger Games of the Fridge, where either the games are going on slowly or he dies an unexpected death, Mitch will call upon a disco where he flies and to the highest peak in the game or builds an arena at spawn where he teleports all remaining players there for a clsutered fight to the death. To this day No member of Team Crafted has won a disco yet.

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