This page is about the various different servers the people on Team Crafted

MinecraftUniverse (The Aurora Network)Edit

MinecraftUniverse's server is currently down. It has been said that they are no longer going further in progress with it though it is not certain.

==BajanCanadian/ASFJerome JeromeASF & PeteZahHutt and Mitch used to have 2 seperate servers: the Hutt and the Fridge, respectively. However, they recently combined le Dome, Capture the Flag, Capture the wool, and Survival Games.This is the most popular Team Crafted server. I.P. : THIS IS CRAZYYYYYYYYYY== Recently, the nexus was put into "Full BETA" for Nexus V2. This is the biggest update to the server ever. The server currently has SG V2, BattleDome V2, Build My Thing, Bow Spleef, and Color Runner. (They have temp. removed capture the wool and capture the flag and timebomb to update it to v2 software) They have huge plans for the server including NXFactions (Nexus Factions) Gladiator Arena (The next released gamemode) Sprint and Classic spleef A Lucky block gamemode One In The Chamber Battle Royale (A former huttmc minigame) Bacca Says Super Sumotori Sky Wars Pixelmon V2 (may happen, unknown) CTF V2 CTW V2 Quick Draw (TimeBomb V2)

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