Preston Blaine Arsement, known on YouTube as TBNRfrags or PrestonPlayz, is a 22-year-old American game commentator who mainly uploads Minecraft videos. He is a member of the Pack. His skin is a lava wearing his merchandise, a hoodie.

Tbnrfrags skin
He has friends in The Pack: PeteZahHutt and TBNRKenWorth.

His friends outside of The Pack: SGCBarbarian, UnspeakableGaming, and TheCampingRusher.

The following people have said they would love to join an smp: AshleyMarieeGaming, AtlanticCraft, MinecraftUniverse, FamousFilms, SSundee, JAYG3R, NoahCraftFTW, and MineCraftFinesT xXSUper_masterXx

Note these are ones who are not on the server yet, but may be invited as time goes on. As mentioned by a few of the How 2 Minecrafters, ChocotheChocobo (or KwehCraft) will be joining the SMP after phase 2 begins.

Preston had a girlfriend named Sara who was born and lived in British Columbia Canada. For about a year Preston lived in Washington State so he could be closer to her. During the Summer, Preston and Sara decided to move back to Texas so they could be closer to Preston's family and during the month of August they moved to their new condo. In February of 2015 Preston and Sara broke up. They removed each other as friends on Facebook. Preston is currently dating Paige (turnthepaige) Preston and Paige are very open about their relationship. Preston has gone and visited Paige in California before.

Preston has created a Draw My Life video. The video was uploaded on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

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