Squids are dark blue creatures with black eyes in the game of Minecraft. They usually spawn in areas that contain Water and dont make any sounds.

However, Squids are one of the most hated mobs in Minecraft, since the famous Minecraft Youtuber SkyDoesMinecraft made a video on Youtube called "Minecraft Mod Showcase: ARCTIC!"The  video is about a mod showcase that Sky started off doing, when suddenly a Squid appeared and started to interrupt and annoy him but at first thought they were cool until they further annoyed them spawning his hatred for the creature. Sky also thinks that squids are gross.Another possible reasons is everything that Sky hates, the Squids like. For example Sky hates Twilight, then he asked a Squid which said that it liked Twilight.

'Squids' are known to be evil after many videos that include them kidnapping and attacking members of Team Crafted and the rest of the Sky Army. Bodil40 made a custom map on PC Minecraft called "Epic Jump Map: Sky Butter Edition",which is about how Deadlox, another famous Minecrafter, gets kidnapped by the Squids, which causes SkyDoesMinecraft and MinecraftUniverse to save him.

It was revealed that the Squid-Butter war is actually a joke and comedy for Sky's channel.

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