"Sniff dogs, dogs sniff, woof woof" ~ Deadlox talking about sniffers.


Originally called Wolf, then changed to Sniffer, which turned into sniffers,Sniffers was a tamed wolf owned by Ssundee, that appeared in the herobrine mini-game. Sniffers was given various nicknames by Ssundee, Sky, Husky and Deadlox.


Team Crafted Member's gave him a ton of nicknames...

  • Wolf - Ssundee
  • Doggy - Husky
  • Wolfy - Ssundee
  • Sniffers - Sky
  • Sniffles - Ssundee (but then later called sniffles by husky)
  • Dog - Ssundee
  • Woofle - Sky
  • Sniff sniffs - Husky
  • Hydrollic Sniffs - Sky
  • Sniff Saggington - Deadlox


  • His original name was "Woofless" right before ssundee summoned sniffers it said "summon woofless".
  • He can teleport.
  • Sniffers can apperantly use bombs, as the chat log read 'Herobrine was blown up by wolf'.

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