Skylox is a made-up ship created in episode #22 in Cops 'N Robbers, where Mitch (BajanCanadian) and Jerome (JeromeASF) decided to marry Adam (SkyDoesMinecraft) and Ty (DeadloxMC/deadlox).

They continuously joke about the ship and even have stated it in many recent videos, and Ty even kept joking and discussing it for about a week straight, even when Adam wasn't in the video with him. This leads to evidence proving something was/is going on between them.

In the famous quote,: "After all the gay things I've seen and poked fun at, Skylox, etc, I feel now is a great time to say publicly, I'm bisexual. Bring it haters", people have shipped them even more since it was the ONLY ship he mentioned with the actual name.

When a person by the name of ~La La Lovestruck~ asked Adam if it was a troll, he responded simply with, "you'll never know. Welcome to the Internet.", which has misguided too many people. Bashur replied with, "YOU"RE BI!? ... hey bb", and BigBadManPig said,"i knew since 2010 when you called me cute".  It is also said that Alesa also was bi-sexual. Ty is said to be straight, though his humor-sense could say otherwise....


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