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Setosorcerer, also known as Seto is a Minecraft Youtuber and used to be a member of Team Crafted.

He is mostly known for his ongoing series Mini Mods, where he takes the suggestion from one of its fans, and uses it to create a small mod. He also frequently makes tutorials in Minecraft, which differ from each other, showing his large knowledge of the game. He also likes to play Minecraft Mini Games with his friends, including KKComics, Deadlox, and many more. He is no longer a member of Team Crafted due to voting, even though being one of the first ones to join. He announced it in a video, which he later made private.

Seto's channel was created on April 11, 2009. His first video is titled Ultimate Waterfiends Guide Chaos Tunnels, which is a video of the popular game RuneScape.

Most of the following videos also included this game. After a while, he
started to upload Minecraft videos and, as a result, became a full

Minecrafter and stopped playing RuneScape.

Rumors started after 2 weeks since the last video saying he was dead, as he had not posted videos out for that long. However this was a this was not true he was just very sick and couldn't do video. He has said on his Twitter he was 95% better and his computer was broken which explains why there wasn't any videos for a month and was urging to find a new computer.

Seto has been kicked from Team Crafted by an almost unanimous vote by Mitch and the only person who was opposed to the vote was Ty (Deadlox).

Recently, Seto has filmed a few videos with Adam. It started in Twitter when Adam started to miss Seto and wanted to apologize to later being in a call with him (Adam) Seto and Deadlox, that is all of what has been heard from Seto himself (yes, Seto did accept the apology)

Seto was kicked out of TeamCrafted (don't want to say), so he rarely does videos with them. He has a video that was recently uploaded with Issac and Matt (4/16/14) who don't have YouTube channels, but he still plays with some of the members of Team Crafted, usually Ty(Deadlox) He has yet to play with other Team Crafted members. The one who put the idea on the table to kick Seto out of TC was TheBajanCanadian. During the whole ordeal Seto went into depression 2 times. While taking the tally to kick Seto out, Ty(deadlox) took time away from Seeing his grandma to backup Seto.


Screenshot (7)

Proof that seto's name is Harvey, from the NBT edit video

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