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MunchingBrotato (Real Name Tyler Christie) is a Canadian YouTuber that makes Minecraft videos, and a friend of Team Crafted. While he's not a member of Team Crafted, he can be found making many videos, most with Sky or Deadlox. (and Swift)

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tyler is seen with short brown hair, he has black glasses and usually wears his red striped shirt. He has soft blue eyes. Overall, *nosebleed*. He turned 19 on the 10/14/14 so therefore he was born on the 14th of October 1995 and his star sign or zodiac sign is Libra. He's admitted to having bad anxiety in some of his videos.

History Edit

At the age of 19

Tyler took a huge shit in the medical section in Walmart, saying it was due to being sick. It has been confirmed by Tyler himself in a video of hunger games ( He was not caught in the act while pooping at this unknown walmart. Unfortunately.


Munchingbrotato resides in Novia Scotia,Canada. As seen on his twitter

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