Logdotzip (Real name: Tyler Pappas) is a very good friend of Team Crafted.You can find vlogs in his Vlogdotzip playlist.

Crafting With Noobs

Crafting with Noobs is a vanilla series of Tyler playing with his girlfriend, Bree and his best friend SeanBijan. Season 1 ended when they slayed the Enderdragon. Sean was pranked by Tyler and Bree during the halloween special, Tyler set a trap that made Sean fall into Lava after taking a pumpkin from a trapped chest. Now there is also season 2 which is modded.

Amplified Survival

Amplified Survival was a series started by Antvenom, in this series they play to get as many achievements possible with the amplified mode. Tyler took over when Antvenom quit the series.Logdotzip invited Chimneyswift11 who has the inventory of Antvenom when he stopped playing. Chimney made up a new name for Tyler at the start and it is OwlDotZip, since player heads is broken sometimes. The series is now over.



  • Although he is not a member of Team Crafted he lives with them in their house in LA
  • As of June 19th 2014 he no longer lives at the team crafted house and he moved in with his good friend Sean (SeanBijan)
  • His nickname is LogDotWeenie (given to him by Sky).
  • Him and Jason had a relationship after the teamcrafted broke out no other informations given after that.

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