Lanceypooh (in-game name as just "Lancey") is a Minecraft Youtuber who has done several Minecraft videos with Team Crafted including Battle Dome and is known for his most recent Feed the Beast series done with SSundee

He is most noted for his eccentric and loud speaking and for frequently appearing mentally unhinged and making long ramblings about random things that cause people (most notably SSundee) to stare and ask what is wrong you , Lancey is noted for being a gifted builder and is extremely keicknowledgeable about almost everything in Feed the Beast, which spans, many many mods, often filling in SSundee that the seemingly random blurp he (SSundee) just made is actually possible within Feed the Beast, and knows the process and means to reach that goal.

The above said knowledge is what led to several of SSundee's "goals" for FTB, including making a Octuple Compressed Cobblestone block (which is 43,046,721 Cobblestone compressed into a single block), making a castle completely out of meat blocks, and hijacking buildings with the use of Archimedes (air)Ship Mod.

Another thing Lancey is know for is his character Eddie, who has a squeaky voice sounds like a satanic Elmo or something equally disturbing, it along with his "crazy fun unhinged personality" are what he most known and loved for by his fans.

Eddie is often describe to be short, has a squeaky voice, and an immature personality. Eddie often appears in Lancey's videos as a side character, Eddie is often nice and enjoys being with and assisting Lancey (despite being slapped sometimes).

His Minecraft is avatar a man with a single raised eyebrow, blue eyes, a ginger beard wearing a dew rag, torn green shirt (which SSundee frequently pokes fun at saying Lancey looks like he got "mauled by a bear", much to his irritation), black shorts and blue sandals.

As of recent times, Lancey and SSundee stopped playing together, no one knows why.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh yeah well you look like a Catholic Priest!" (Retorted at SSundee with he says Lancey looks like he got mauled by a bear)
  • "Dude! Dude! You know what?"
  •  "SSUNDEE!(pronounced like "SSONDAY")  " (When SSundee kills Lancey or doesn't help save him)
  •  "Blebleblebleble! " (Randomly said)
  • "Not too shabby guys, not too shabby!" (frequently said after building and or crafting something)
  • "Why do you have horseshoes on your pants?"(said to MrCrainer in regards to his Minecraft skin)
  • GG SON GG (Often said during GTA 5 in minecraft with Ssundee)

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