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Kkcomics ( real name Kyle ) is a Minecraft YouTuber that often plays with MunchingBrotato, Dartron, lilshortysgs, setosorcerer, and skydoesminecraft.  Kyle shares a server with Tyler ( MunchingBrotato ) and Shelby ( lilshortysgs ) known as the Realmmc. He is not a member of T.C. but he has recorded with many of its members. He is known for his eccentric humor, his animation skills, and his intense love of Shrek the Ogre, and ogres in general. Besides Minecraft, you will also find him playing the occasional indie game.

Kyle's skin is often changed, depending on an upcoming holiday, or a special theme to a map/game. However, it is often just randomly changed in a humorous way, accompanying a matching skin from Tyler or Shelby occasionally.