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KermitPlaysMinecraft (who's real name is Dakota Jones) was and is a former member of Team Crafted. He was one of Adam's best friends, and was even Adam's roommate, once. Adam was the one who helped him make Minecraft videos, by giving him a few "pointers". He was on Team Crafted for quite a while, until July 2013, when Kermit decided to leave because he thought that he got most of his subscribers from Team Crafted. He currently has over 736,000 subscribers, and 20,000,000 views. He is still in good terms with Team Crafted, but he rarely ever does videos with them. The most recent videos he made with ANYONE in Team Crafted was Run From The Beast, which he only played with 1 Team Crafted member: SkyDoesMinecraft.

Skin designEdit

His skin is aimed to ressemble Jim Henson's character, Kermit the Frog. He also wears a white tuxedo, and a red flower on one of the corners of his tux.

Notable traits in MinecraftEdit

  • Being Kermit, he and his friends make jokes about himself related to Kermit, or just any kind of frog.
  • He likes to jump/hop around.

Name originEdit

He decided to make his username based off of Kermit, from Jim Henson's The Muppet Show, because back in his days of High School (possibly Middle school), bullies gave him the nickname, Kermit, because his voice ressembles the character.

The Cube SMPEdit

The Cube SMP is an SMP server. It was created by Graser10 who also organises their UHC. It is hosted by Mineplex due to one of the members (defek7) owning Mineplex. Some of the members are :

  • KermitplaysMC
  • GraserMC
  • PatClone
  • StrauberryJam (left due to connection problems,and also due to that the new snapshot will mess up single player worlds, and issues with other members' moralities)
  • defek7
  • ThatOneTomahawk
  • TYBZI (President)
  • Bayani
  • Hbomb94
  • Kricken (left because of fear of snapshot glitches)
  • GrapeAppleSauce
  • TheCampingRusher
  • Devon_Mines
  • DulJuice
  • Vasehh
  • ChildDolphin
  • MistaCrayola (the members' manager)
  • HeyimbeeYT
  • MrMitch361
  • ParkerGames
  • StacySays
  • BigMoney


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