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Jerome Robert Aceti,
otherwise known as ASFJerome or Fluffy, is a 20 year old American YouTuber and a member of TeamCrafted who makes videos with BajanCanadian and sometimes other people, such as SSundee and HuskyMUDKIPZ. He currently lives in New Jersey, United States.

He currently has 3 million subscribers as of June 7, 2014. He has a girlfriend and on a livestream on December 3, 2013, he said, "I'm gonna be tired. I'm gonna be rendering, editing, and filming videos, then in the morning I'm gonna grab coffee with my girlfriend before she goes to school." He has posted a picture on Tuesday, December 10th on Instagram with the captions, "My girlfriend and I". On his Twitter, he stated that his girlfriend's name was Louise.

Skin designEdit

His skin is designed to look like the Wookie species, from the Star Wars films. However, he states that his species is called a "Bacca". He calls his skin "Business Bacca" because of the suit his skin includes.

Name ExplanationEdit

Jerome Aceti is his real life name and ASF stands for AwesomeSauceFilms, hence JeromeASF or ASFJerome. His previous account, Hacksource, was shared with other people like BajanCanadian, HippoqqiH and TheNoochM.


  • Jerome is currently 20 years old
  • He lives in New Jersey
  • He is known to be called "Fluffy" by SkydoesMinecraft (Adam) and Bacca by BajanCanadian (Mitch)
  • Jerome is six days younger than Mitch
  • Jerome was said to be partly color blind in some episodes
  • Jerome speaks fluent Italian

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "To the left! To the left!"
  • "I got Betty!"
  • "Woah Baby!"
  • "Dat Booty Doh!"
  • "Your a butt "
  • "Get Koduroed!"
  • "I'm a FRIENDLY bacca!"
  • "Merome"
  • "I'm color blind!"
  • Oh, look at that booty!
  • Mitch! Mitch!
  • "I love you Mitch"
  • "BETTY!"
  • "Yeah boi"
  • "wadawudwah"

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