'Double (Real Name Ryan Klepacs) is a Canadian commentator who appeared in 3 of Team Crafted videos, the first being spleef with HuskyMudkipz,
SkyDoesMinecraft and iJevin, the second time being Sky's 1,000,000 subscriber video, and finally a short parkour map with Husky. His Minecraft username is Mr360Games.


  • He lives in Canada
  • He is an expert on the Aether Mod and it's sequel, but still manages to be pretty bad at it.
  • He calls his subscribers Doublings.
  • His favorite hockey team is the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL.

  • His Minecraft skin was made by his ex-fiancee Natalie.

  • His Xbox Live username is Dbl Trbl 777 and his PSN is Mr_360Games.

  • He usually plays with ClashJTM, Bodil40 and TheCampingTree (Sp00nerism).

  • One of the first people he played with was ClashJTM and ChimneySwift11.

  • Is currently playing in a Minecraft Gameshow called "The Showdown!" by ZexyZek.

  • Double currently has 680,224 subscribers

  • Joined YouTube July 4, 2009.

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