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== Deadlox & DeadZombie


Deadlox's YouTube picture
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Tyler (Ty) 'Collins' (real name Tyler Ellis), also known as Deadlox, or by his usernames DeadloxVSGaming and DeadloxMC, is an American video-game commentator who is known for his Minecraft videos on YouTube. He is 18 and his birthday is April 17. He is, as said by SetoSorcerer the first member and the founder of the Minecraft-based YouTube group Team Crafted. Currently Ty holds just over 1,800,000 subscribers and 71,000,000 views. He calls his subscribers the "Dead Army" and also the "Banana Army."


Team Crafted

(Whoever put all that shit about him behing gay, go suck it. Now I don't even know what was here before.) Eventually, he was convinced to start the group with Deadlox. Team Crafted was established in February of 2013, MinecraftUniverse, Setosorcerer, HuskyMUDKIPZ then joined in that order. As of March 6, 2014, however, Deadlox is no longer a member of Team Crafted but he will still attend team crafted events <p abp="523">


In game cutout
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Deadlox features in a number of videos, including the Epic Jump Maps, Pink Men Slapping on Each Other, Death Run, etc. Deadlox is also considered the most fierce Team Crafted member. One example is in one of the Cops 'n' Robbers and the Hunger Games videos, where he is strict and vicious to some of the other YouTubers when it was his turn as the warden. In one of Bodil's Epic Jump Maps, where Sky and Jason had to rescue Ty from the Squids, Ty really wanted to be in the videos, so he had a 'Hologram Deadlox' skin and used it for the whole of the map.

In Deadlox's "Congratulations" video entry for SkyDoesMinecraft's celebration of 1 million subscribers, it shows him in real life (without showing his face) tied up and attempting to break free, a Squid is also next to him with the words "We have Deadlox!" above it, it's a  reference to the Epic Jump Map Butter Edition, where the squids kidnap him in that map's storyline. On his face was a piece of paper saying 'Congrats on 1 mil subs, Sky!'. 

Skin DesignEdit

Deadlox's skin depicts himself with long, brown hair, parted to the left with wine like colored eyes (although, his hair covers his left eye). He also has a black and green gaming headset upon his head. He wears a white shirt with black lining, grey jeans and black shoes with purple tips. Ty also has a purple wrist band on each wrist. I believe his skin was based on him IRL.

He has a "derpy" version of his original skin, where it has the same design, although the eye changed to pure black and his mouth is open in a derpy style, showing his tongue. He is also blind on the right eye but he never says that in his videos but if you listen closely in one of the team crafted videos he said he is blind.


  • "Pax me, sup dawg!"
  • "Do you even lift sky?"
  • "Why you do dis?"
  • "Fight me at Pax!"
  • "I done **** myself!"
  • "I don't condone doing *****."
  • Hii :3
  • #tysfoot / #tysleftfoot
  • Kawaii Deadlox Desu
  • #Skylox
  • I done goofed.
  • SKYlink titleLOX
  • ''Im fucked down

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