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, whose real name is Rachael, was once a member of Team Crafted, as well as Sky's ex-fiance. She was seen is lots of Sky's videos, for example, The Fountain of Immortality, and she also had her own Youtube account. When Dawn had her YouTube channel up, she had possibly 1-10 videos up. After the breakup with Adam, Dawn's youtube and almost everything else just disappeared.

It is confirmed in Sky's "real talk" video that he once lived with Dawn, but then after the breakup, moved into his own house in Washington before moving to LA.

The maps she did with Sky include The Fountain of Immortality, Island of the Skies, Battle Dome, Run From The Beast, Cops 'n' Robbers, etc.

Removal from Team Crafted and DisappearanceEdit

Dawnables left Team Crafted after she and SkyDoesMinecraft broke up. Afterwards, she deleted her Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook accounts. To prevent hate, Sky commented there was "no ill will between them." 

Nothing is currently known about Dawn after her removal from Team Crafted and her breakup with Sky.

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