Benja and Bacca Olympics

Benja & Bacca Olympics logo (by Goldsolace)

The Benja and Bacca Olympics (originally known as the Benj & Bac Olympics) is an event on BajanCanadian and JeromeASF's channel.  Mitch said the event would consist of himself and Jerome playing 10 or so different minigames (such as Hunger Games, Infected, Hot Potato, etc.), and seeing who would come out as the winner.  The event was originally promised to take place during Action-Adventure August 2013 (a month where Mitch played something never seen on his channel each day), but it did not take place.  GoldSolace released a speed-art for the event on December 7, 2013, however the event did not begin until February 19, 2014, when Sonic Battle Race took place.  The event is planned to run at two videos a day, with the event running from the 19th to the 23rd.


  • Event 1: Sonic Battle Race
  • Event 2: Skyblock Warriors
  • Event 3: The Ender Games
  • Event 4: Scavenger Hunt
  • Event 5: Parkour
  • Event 6: Battle Arena -
  • Event 7: Spleef
  • Event 8: Hardcore Point Challenge
  • Event 9: Chick Magnet
  • Event 10: Bacca King
  • Event 11: Sumotori

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