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Brandon Ashur (aka Bashur) is a youtuber who uploads minecraft gameplay to his channel. He has an ongoing series by the name of "Bashpack". His skin is a watermelon with Rocko's shirt from the 90's cartoon

Bashur's YouTube Icon

Rocko's Modern Life and 3D glasses, and compared to his older videos, has changed a lot language wise (First season of Bashpack he swore somewhat always, Second season he swore very little). In Bashpack, he has a dog named "Pewface" with a bright magenta collar. He is known for building houses in PVP games like Bridges or Walls, where he then is 'open' and sells cooked steak. He has a high pitch voice in videos. His real voice was revealed in a livestream and in a Minepranks episode by Skydoesminecraft, and also in videos by BahmLounge. Also part of the best laugh team (Slyfox, Bodil40, Mr360games, Bashur). He also had over 6m children (as stated in a cops and robbers watermelon episode) and he does go to a watermelon church down the street, and tends to eat his own kind despite not letting anyone else to eat them. He is dating ClaraBabyLegs.            

Bashur Irl

bashur Irl


Bahsur In Real Life

Bashur's Quotes inlcude:

BALLS!,OH BALLS!,You guys are so mean!,etc.

Bashur also prefers screaming "BALLS!" to cursing.

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